About us


Established in Woking, Woking Repair have become the most reliable computer repair service in the local area. Our trained technicians are highly experienced in all areas involving computers and how to fix them. Whether you own a Desktop or a Mac our team are able to fix any problem that arises. Working on any model of your gadget our team know every trick in the book and are forthcoming with any hints and tips on how to look after your technology in between any repairs that are needed.

Being an established company in the Woking area the local community has accepted us as a part of their local establishment. Our long standing record of providing excellent customer service and nothing less has earned us the respect of all the local people. It is our goal to make sure that all of customers are happy with our services and would agreeably recommend us to their families and friends. Providing excellent customer service and levels of a high standard in our daily work is what we believe in. It is because of this that we are the leading company in the Woking area in computer maintenance and repairs.